Continuous Care

Continuous Care

Continuous care is provided to adults and patients who need help with basic daily activities like bathing, getting dressed, managing medications, eating and other. We provide care to the patients to manage pain and some acute medical symptoms that are out of control.

Continuous Care

A continuous of care model gives seniors the care they need at each stage of life, from support with daily tasks as they live independently to more specialized, long-term care and memory support.

Maintaining the continuity of care requires that the nurse, and other members of the healthcare team, identify current client needs and then move the client to the appropriate clinical area, to the appropriate level of care, and to the appropriate healthcare facility in a timely and effective manner.

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As a team of Satyak Assisted Living we are committed to extend much needed love and happiness to the elders despite their age. We conduct programs and activites for our young elders to understand them life is always beautiful!

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