Structured Daily Activities

Structured Daily Activities

The daily routine at Satyak is structured to include engaging activities which promote physical and mental well-being for its residents. It includes group activities, drawing, painting and physiotherapy.

Routines lower stress and anxiety. Routines are comforting and calming, eliminating the need to wonder and worry about what’s going to happen next, who will be there to assist, and how to make certain that everything is going to be taken care of.

Routines improve sleep. Studies have shown that sticking with a daily routine aids in sleep quality in addition to the ability to fall asleep and remain asleep.

Routines allow for high quality time with family and friends. Seniors and the family members who care for them can create routines that include satisfying time together. Include favorite pastimes, weekly dinner dates at a favorite restaurant, even an end-of-the-day hug.

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As a team of Satyak Assisted Living we are committed to extend much needed love and happiness to the elders despite their age. We conduct programs and activites for our young elders to understand them life is always beautiful!

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