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All Doctors, physiotherapists, and entire support team has taken a great care and contributed a lot in improving his health and quality of life. At the time of admission of my father, it was "Satyak staff". But as the days passed, by the time of his discharge, it changed to "Satyak Family" for us. We are thankful to entire Satyak team and wish all the best...!!

- Sameer Brahme

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Dementia Care

A specialized type of care for patients who are facing challenges related to memory loss such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other. A person with memory impairment can definitely live meaningful and joyful life at Satyak. Our medical panel and dedicated staff provide specialized training in dementia care.

dementia care

A loved one with dementia will need support as the disease gets worse. We can help by trying to understand how the person with dementia perceives their world. Give the person a chance to talk about any challenges and take part in their own daily care.

If you are caring for someone with dementia, our role in managing daily tasks will increase as the disease progresses. We consider practical tips that can help the person with dementia participate as much as possible and enable to manage tasks effectively.


Founded by reputable doctors and experienced health care professionals who are deeply committed to elder care!

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